I'm Rachel

   This might sound sappy and cliche, but I started my business because I simply love LOVE. I knew instantly from my first couples session that that is what I'm about.  I'm a romantic at heart and obsess over love stories and what leads us to find "our human" out of the 7.7 billion people on this earth. I always find myself becoming emotionally invested in each bride and groom's love story (I pretty much cry at ever wedding). I absolutely love learning how two people's relationship came to be and documenting the way they choose to celebrate it! The question in my heart for each of my couples: how did the course of events in life lead two unique individuals to say to each other, "You know what? This person is for ME to love, annoy, laugh and cry with FOREVER? It's crazy if you think about it, right!? My goal is to answer that question visually in each session!


and i'm all about honest, creative love stories

 My mission is to represent a brand that documents lovers and aims to show their relationship and personalities in the best and most personal way. This means no stiff staring into the camera -- but ALL the moments in-between...the snuggles, inside jokes, booty grabs, laughter, awkward moments and of course SMOLDER -- the honest stuff!
I aim to give my clients timeless and beautifully documented slices of life-art that they can always have to look back on. Whether this involves trekking through the woods, chilling at home with your fur babies, exploring unique corners of your city, or running on the beach while getting all sandy--we got this! Whatever vibe you want, I'm all about it--just relax, trust the vision, and have FUN being yourself!

more to know about me & my work

I'm Houston based but LOVE to travel! Let's go somewhere!

My work has been described as vibrant, colorful, true to life, film-like, in between bright and moody

I love to be super involved in your photo timeline creation to help you out as much as possible

I LOVE the outdoors and am pretty much guaranteed to be your personal hiking guide wherever we do your session

I'm an introvert and embrace my own awkwardness

I freaking love all the animals -- so feel free to bring your furry loves to any session!

Enough about me...

tell me about you!

If you think we might be a good fit to work together, HIT ME UP!
 I'm so excited to hear from you and find out what makes your love story so special! 

While weddings are my heart, I also work outside that realm as well! Check out my                   work!


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