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How many images do you deliver in a gallery?


Every wedding is different depending on the events happening and the hours booked! On average, my couples can expect around 80 - 100 final edited images delivered per hour of shooting for a wedding gallery. For smaller galleries like engagements and bridals, my couples can expect around 50-80 images total.

How long is your final gallery delivery process?


My final gallery delivery process is generally not longer than 90 days depending on the amount of editing I have in my queue. 

Do you offer second shooters and why book one?


I do offer second shooters as an add-on. Second shooters are awesome if you are wanting an additional angle or if we are needing a little help due to a hectic timeline. Generally I am able to cover an entire wedding by myself, but if we need the help, we figure it out when we go over the timeline!

Can you retouch / photoshop our images?


I'm totally skilled in retouching! I do charge an extra fee per image for this service as it's a time consuming task in addition to editing your gallery, so let me know if it's something you're wanting.

What do we do if bad weather is forecasted for the day of our session or wedding?


I like to stay on top of what the weather is going to be doing for sessions and weddings. For sessions, if we anticipate inclement weather, we have the option to work around it by finding a covered location such as a coffee shop or natural light studio. If you're down, we can also embrace the rain a little with some umbrella fun! I make sure to keep some cute clear umbrellas on hand for such an occasion. We can also see about rescheduling if we need to. For weddings, we will work closely together on how comfortable you are with shooting in the rain. We work around it the best we can and communicate with how to make the most of the weather we are given.

Do you travel?


YES! I go where you go!. Whether that means a quick day trip to Austin for some hill country adventures, or a weekend flight out of the state, I'm down. Having a destination wedding? I am all about it! I just charge a flat rate depending on the time of year and the amount of travel needed, so don't hesitate to ask!

Are you insured?


Absolutely! Liability insurance is a very important thing to have, so make sure your vendors are properly covered!

We've never planned a wedding before! Can you help us?


YES. I want to make sure my couples have the best experience that they can with me, so I'm always here as an asset to give advice, help develop your custom photo timeline, and give vendor recommendations where needed. I work with some pretty amazing peeps in the industry and am happy to give you their info as a service to you after you book with me!

What advice would you offer to couples planning their wedding? 


Oh goodness, I feel like sometimes I have too many ideas. I would say my top advice is to make sure to have a phone call with each of your vendors before booking to get to know them. Make sure you jive with their style and personality. Confirm that your vendors carry liability insurance for any worst case scenarios. Do they have reviews? Read them! These steps will help ensure you can assemble your wedding vendor dream team! Want to see what people have to say about me? You can find that here

How would you describe your shooting and editing style? 


I love this question! For shooting style, I would describe myself as a good mix of documentary and traditional. I love catching those in-between moments while also guiding my couples with intentional direction when it comes to posing. For editing style, I have been described as colorful, romantic, and classic with a touch of nostalgia. I like to keep my style in between the light and dark vibes with a filmic look. Of course, the light on the day of your wedding or session will affect the vibe of your gallery as to whether it is brighter or more "moody," so totally check out my work to see what to expect, as I shoot in all types of lighting conditions!

We have never taken professional photos before-- do you help prepare us?


Why, absolutely, From ideas on locations, to what to wear, to helping guide you during your session, it's my aim to prepare you as much as I can! So many of my couples tell me they are awkward photo takers, or are nervous about how their session will turn out. I gotchu! It's my goal for you to come out of your session comfortable and confident after the fun time we had and excited to see your resulting gallery!

Why should we do a phone call with you upon inquiring?


I find this to be so important! It gives me a chance to get to know you and find out how I can serve you best. SO much planning goes into your wedding (and your engagement or bridal sessions). There are so many factors, thoughts, questions, and ideas that need to be talked out. I totally understand your time is valuable, and our phone call doesn't usually take very long. My inquiring couples often give me feedback saying they are glad they did the phone call with me as they came out of it with a better understanding of how many hours they will need vs what they are wanting! Want to skip the call, we can totally stick to emailing. Just know that I've found a call to be the most comprehensive and quickest way to answer all your questions! I always send a follow-up email with everything we talked about afterward so you have all the specific info we discussed. Fill out my contact form and let's touch base to set up your call!

We want to book you! How do we move forward?


Awesome! I'm so very excited to work with you guys! To move forward, I require a signed contract that I will send via booking proposal to your email and a non-refundable retainer of 30% of your chosen package(s) after tax (I am required by the State of Texas to charge 0.825% sales tax on top of all services). Once that has been done, we are good to start planning! Let's do this! 

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